28 Year Old Tech Enthusiast based in Milton Keynes,  England

My name is Imtiaaz and I'm a Tech enthusiast who currently works in Telecomms. I have a  Masters in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering but my true passion is Technology!


I am a bit of a strange tech user in that I love Android phones (currently using the Pixel 5) but I also love Apple Products (currently using the 12.9" iPad Pro & an M1 Mac mini). I think this gives me a bit of a unique perspective on things as I don't have any loyalties to any brands I just love useful products that are fun to use! 

imtinet is my personal YouTube channel & blog where I cover all things technology related that interests me and aim to show how you can benefit from it as well!


Channel Milestones

Joined YouTube: 08/06/2018

First Video: 10/06/2018

100 Subscribers: 25/03/2019

250 Subscribers: 27/05/2020

500 Subscribers: 17/11/2020

1000 Subscribers: Pending


To Avoid Criticism, Say Nothing, Do Nothing, Be Nothing

I have absolutely no idea who said this originally but I wholeheartedly agree with it. One of the things that held me back from starting my channel earlier was being scared of what others would say, but who cares? There will always be people who criticise whatever you do as it's far easier to criticise than create (another quote I do not know the origin of). So those are the two quotes I like to think of now whenever I create something. I create content about what I like and find useful and I hope you like it and find it useful as well!