Friends my channel is relatively small and I run it as a hobby, nevertheless, I believe it is important that there is trust and respect between myself and you, my audience. Every video I create on my channel and everything I post on my various social accounts and my website is written and produced entirely by me. I have full control over my content schedule and I would not accept payment or anything otherwise to alter this or for preferential scheduling. I choose all products that are shown on my channel based on my own interests and I would not accept payment to create content around a product that I have no interest in or that I do not believe is valuable for my audience. 

Affiliate Links

My videos and posts may contain affiliate links, which afford me a commission should you make a purchase. This does not affect my editorial content and helps me grow the channel and buy new products to share with you all.


I do hold investments in companies that I sometimes cover on the channel, this does not have any impact on my opinions.


Companies whose products I cover and currently hold investments in are:


- Corsair

- Intel

- Nvidia

Review Samples

Occasionally companies may provide me with products for review for free. Free products do not guarantee a positive review or even that a video will be made. As stated above I only create content around products that I myself find interesting or that I believe are of benefit and use to my audience. All review samples are available for return at the manufacturers' request, I do not sell these on or give them away. 


As of writing (07/03/2021) I have no sponsored content on my channel or any of my social media accounts. I am open to sponsorships however I will never do sponsored reviews or comparisons as I believe these are simply not reviews. I will also not work with any companies that are involved in particular industries, for example, alcohol, gambling etc.


Thanks for taking the time to read and understand my ethics statement. While I know it is impossible to have every possible scenario covered here I would like to think this gives you an idea of what is important to me. I would also like to think this shows my audience that they can trust me and I will do my best to uphold that trust as long as I am creating content! 

Let's have some fun!