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Sync Audio & Create Multicam Clips in Final Cut Pro [Tutorial]

In this video I’m going to show you how to very easily sync your video and audio in Final Cut Pro, you can use this to both sync external audio with your cameras video and if you use multiple camera angles sync them together, it’s super simple and a really handy feature 🙂

Step 1

- Record some video and some audio make sure you clap three times at the start!

Step 2

- Import to FCP

Step 3

- Select video track

- Select audio track

Step 4

- Click synchronise audio in the clips menu

Step 5

- If you’re not recording multiple camera angles you can stop here and drag your clip over to your timeline and celebrate your synced video!

Step 6

- Select the synchronised clip and 2nd camera angle and right click and choose create multicam clip

- and that’s it all done!

- now drag the new clip to the timeline

- and you can click here to show both angles and simply cut and change when you want to switch between the two!

As you can see this is super easy and super fast too, it’s saved me so much time and allows me to have a redundancy in case either audio version fails and create some nice multicam footage. Before I found out about this feature I used to try and manually line up the clips which was a nightmare! If you found this useful please give me a like and subscribe and stay tuned for more!

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Camera (A6400):

Camera Mic (Mic-M3)

Main Mic (H1N):

Lights (480 x 3):



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